So your kid wants to buy or sell Slime?

We have some tips on how to brave the sea of Slimey kids and make your day go smooth.


For Parents of Slime Sellers


- Be prepared for an early morning setup. We will allow setup to start at 7am and doors open by 9am. Come early, with coffee and lots of patience.


- You will need to stay at your booth for the entire day so make sure you are prepared with light snacks and plenty of water. Hilton Anaheim does have over 5 selections for food that will be onsite if you need more than the snacks you brought.


- CHANGE! Lots of change! Bring lots of $1 & $5 bills to help break larger bills throughout the day. Most attendees pay with cash. If you have the ability to take CC you can use a personal hot spot from your phone and we will have some outlets available for a recharge if needed.


Please check out this Kawaii Slime Company curated list of awesome items to decorate your booth space with: Recommended Products


- Help your child come up with the most creative way to market their product. In a sea of Slime booths, be the ship that stands out! We encourage you to get as creative as possible and try hard to be different. Doing this will help ensure a successful event for them. We want your child’s selling experience to be stellar at our Show so we are always here to help with advice on how to stand out. Contact us for any questions.


- Click Here for a Slime Show checklist!


For Parents of Slime Show Ticketholders


- Get there early to ensure your child can purchase from their favorite Slime Star.


- Most sellers accept cash only so come prepared. Hilton Anaheim does have ATM machines and some sellers do have options for CC but the majority do not.


- If your child is attending one of the classes for their Doki Doki ticket please ensure they do not miss their class time. The chance for them to sit in another class is very unlikely. If they miss their class there will be no refunds on tickets.


- You'll surely build up an appetite after the long day of buying Slime and luckily there are many dining options available at Hilton Anaheim, from sit down to quick serve.